Hngu Exam TimeTable Download (Jun 2022) – Exam Date 17-6-2022

Hngu Exam TimeTable Download for MAY : 2022

No.Name Of ExaminationCircular No.Date Of Examination
1B.A. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
2Bachelor of Performing Arts Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
3B.Sc. Semester – II (Govt. & Granted Colleges) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
4B.Sc. Semester – II (Self Finance Colleges) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
5B.Sc. Semester – II (Home Science) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
6B.Com. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
7B.B.A. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
8B.C.A. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
9B.R.S. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
10B.S.W. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
11B.Ed. Semester – II (New Course June-2015 to) (2 Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
12Special B.Ed. Semester – II (New Course June-2015 to) (2 Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
13LL.B. Semester – II (Old Course) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
14LL.B. Semester – II (New Course June – 2018) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
15B.P.Ed. Semester – II (New Course June-2015 to) (2-Year) PANI/30/202210-05-2022
16M.A. Semester – II (Regular) and M.A. Semester – II (External) ONLY A.T.K.T PANI/30/202217-06-2022
17M.Com. Semester –II (Regular) and M.Com. Semester –II (External) ONLY A.T.K.T PANI/30/202217-06-2022
18M.Sc. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
19M.Sc. Semester – II (Home Science) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
20M.B.A. Semester – II 76/202210-05-2022
21M.C.A. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
22M.C.A. Semester – IV PANI/30/202217-06-2022
23M.C.A. Semester – VI (Only Project) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
24M.C.A. Semester-II (5-Year Integrated) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
25M.C.A. Semester – VIII (5-Year Integrated) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
26M.C.A. Semester – X (5-Year Integrated) (Only Project) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
27LL.M. Semester – II (Old Course) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
28LL.M. Semester – II (New Course June – 2018) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
29M.Lib. Semester – II (1-Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
30M.S.W. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
31M.R.S. Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
32Master of Human Resource Management Sem. – II (HRM)(2-Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
33Master of Journalism Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
34M.P.E. Semester – II PANI/30/202210-05-2022
35Master of Hospital Management Semester–II (New Course June-2016 to) (2-Year) PANI/30/202221-05-2022
36M.Ed. Semester – II (New Course June-2015 to) (2-Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
37PG Diploma in Yoga Education (PGDYEd.) Semester – II (1-Year) PANI/30/202210-05-2022
38PG Diploma in Fashion Design & Management Semester – II (1 – Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
39PG Diploma in Industrial Safety Semester – II (PGIS) (1 – Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
40PG Diploma in Drugs Discovery Clinical Research & Pharma Regulation Semester – II (PGDCP) (1 – Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
41P.G.D.C.A. Semester – II (New Course June-2017) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
42M.Sc. CA & IT Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
43Architecture Semester – II PANI/30/202217-06-2022
44Diploma in Yoga Education (Yearly / Vacation Course) (1-Year) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
45B.A. B.Ed Semester – II (Four Years Integrated) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
46B.SC. B.Ed Semester – II (Four Years Integrated) PANI/30/202217-06-2022
47M.U.R.P. Semester – II (New Course Time 2 Yrs.) PANI/30/202217-06-2022

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