The Woman King, in theaters Friday, is an African female warrior epic

In 1823 West Africa, Nanisca (Davis) drives the Agojie, the Dahomey female multitude of Ruler Ghezo (John Boyega).

 Their adversaries, the Oyo, are slave brokers.

Nawi's (Thuso Mbedu) father gives her to Dahomey when she denies the marriage he organized. 

in this way, Nawi trains under Nanisca and Izogie (Lashana Lynch) to turn into an Agojie.

It's obvious from the fight scenes that the cast set forth the effort, did the preparation and took in the movement. 

 They are smooth in fight and exhibit creativity with their weapons and procedure.

The Lady Ruler is reasonable about the Agojie confronting multitudes of Oyo men. 

The animal strength of men is as yet impressive.